September 14th, 2010

Cooper “In Touch” With His Bad Self

My cousin Macaela called us yesterday and screamed into the phone, “Cooper is in In Touch, oh my god! Quick, turn to page 58! How freakin’ cool!” And I said, “Huh? Wait – is that a magazine?”

Cooper is no stranger to fame. In fact, when he saw himself in this week’s In Touch Weekly magazine, he simply turned around, curled up and took a nap in the middle of his article.

While we never intended our cat’s photography project to become widely popular, it has been fun over the past two years to follow Cooper in the media. From newspapers to magazines, local television news to Good Morning America, international web sites to People magazine. You make us proud, Cooper!

One of the secrets to Cooper’s success is somewhat obvious. Cooper won’t admit it himself, as he is a little shy. So I’ll come out and say it: Cooper is a handsome devil. He is an artist, and his work speaks for himself. But just like the lead singer in a band, his fame may be somewhat assisted by his natural good looks. Cooper could sell cat food if he really wanted to – maybe as a part-time job. Maybe that would help him pay for that new lens he’s been hinting for. Whether in front or behind the camera, Cooper, you’re doing great things!

People keep asking us what Cooper will be up to next. And it’s hard to tell, as he is truly unpredictable. Again, much like a rockstar. You can’t rope the wind, as they say. But it is possible that Cooper has a project in mind for the next couple months. For those of you thinking about what to get the cat lover on your holiday list I’ll mention that Cooper has been considering publishing a book…

Cooper is currently stretched out on the window sill, with one eye on a fly.

2 Responses to “Cooper “In Touch” With His Bad Self”

  1. Evil Cat says:

    you’re a cool cat, Cooper!

  2. hibiscus says:

    I love Cooper. <> <> Handsome chap.