January 12th, 2009

Cooper on King 5′s Evening Magazine

Cooper’s popularity continues as Seattle’s King 5 Evening Magazine came to shoot a story about him today. We hope the episode airs just in time for Cooper’s upcoming gallery exhibit!

Evening Magazine‘s producer, Kim, and cameraman, Jason, spent nearly 4 hours with us this afternoon. They interviewed Deirdre and myself, and spent most of the day following Cooper around with their HD camera. We think they got some great shots of Coop jumping around the yard. He hit all of his marks, even did second takes when requested. This this cat will do anything for a treat!

Cameraman Jason films Cooper with his HD camera for King 5′s Evening Magazine.

Cooper approaching his cat door. The camera crew wanted to get a shot of Cooper going in and out of the house.

Cooper’s point of view as cameraman Jason aims his HD camera.

Cooper’s view of producer Kim from King 5′s Evening Magazine.
Cooper is currently sacked out in his heated cat bed. He’s so sleepy after his shoot this afternoon, he even endured the dreaded toenail clipping without complaint! What a good boy!