April 2nd, 2012

Cooper Exhibit at Chocolate Shoebox, Seattle

Never seen Cooper’s photos in person?  Time for another Cooper exhibit! Come to the Chocolate Shoebox in Seattle during most of April.

Drop by on Friday, April 13th (6pm – 9pm) during the Phinney-Wood Art Walk. It’s your chance to meet Cooper’s humans, grab an autographed copy of CAT CAM (Cooper’s photo book), and enter a special one-time raffle: The proceeds go to PAWS, and the raffle winner gets a home photo shoot with Cooper himself!

Also, we’re having a special sale during this exhibit: Cooper’s photos: 30% OFF! Come by and take advantage of this great deal!  As always, a portion of the proceeds benefit PAWS.

When: Art Walk “Show Opening” is April 13, 6pm – 9pm
(Exhibit runs April 13 – May 5, 2012, open daily 11am – 7pm)

Cooper’s stunning photos have exhibited in Seattle, Ellensburg, Chicago and London. The internet simply doesn’t do them justice – one truly needs to see Cooper’s framed photos in person. There are several new photos which have not appeared in previous Cooper exhibits – come see for yourself!

What is the Chocolate Shoebox, you ask? Only the best idea for a retail store ever: Chocolate + shoes. Is there a better combination, ladies? Also, everything is vegan, meaning no animals were harmed! They strive to offer organic and fair-trade and in many cases locally-made chocolates and sweets. Some of the proceeds from several of their chocolates benefit charities that work to help animals.

So swing by the Phinney-Wood Art Walk on Friday, April 13 from 6pm – 9pm. Meet Cooper’s humans, enter the special one-time raffle, be cultured, eat some decadent treats and catch some great deals!

Then go home, chew on some catnip, scratch up the couch and call it a day well spent.

16 Responses to “Cooper Exhibit at Chocolate Shoebox, Seattle”

  1. cheryl says:

    i’ll be there, cooper! can’t wait — sounds great. i’m excited about the raffle, and to meet your “parents”!


  2. Justin Crowe says:

    Brilliant! LOVE IT!

  3. julie says:

    hooray for cooper! this is fantastic!!! thanks for donating to PAWS.

  4. Anna D Bosette says:

    I’ll be there, cooper! sounds purrrrfect!

  5. Jessica Halpren says:

    Dear Cooper, you are the sweetest and most artistic cat I’ve ever known! Of course I’ll be there!

  6. Karen L says:


  7. Billie C says:

    I love this cat! Way to go COOPER!

  8. Carie says:

    yay for cooper! my favorite cat!!

  9. Vincent Smith says:


  10. carrie sosby says:

    Love it!

  11. Brian Neumann says:

    My sister’s funeral is Saturday, but sorry Sis, no way am I missing this opening! GO COOPER!!

  12. Jordan Turner says:

    Cooper! Cooper! He’s such a star!! I will travel very far!!!!!! to see some awesome cat ‘graphs in person (sorry, not good enough to keep the rhyme going). Count me IN.

    PS – Will there be a Q&A where we can learn some tips from the pro?

  13. Sharon says:

    This is cool!

  14. Sarah Treadwell says:


  15. Dana Y says:

    LOVELY! Smooches to COOPER!

  16. Laurae says:

    Hooray for Cooper! This is fantastic — he’s my favorite cat in the world (except for my own). =)