May 9th, 2011

Australia, Meet Cooper

This weekend Cooper had a live television appearance, this time in Australia. G’day!

The TODAY SHOW Australia interviewed the Photographer Cat during the Sunday morning WEEKEND TODAY program. Cooper has had many television appearances, but never one with such a drastic change in timezone.  Fortunately he stayed awake for almost all four minutes.

Our conversation with host Alicia Gorey was fun, and she asked lots of great questions about Cooper, his photo project, and his photo book, CAT CAM. ¬†In case you missed it, watch Cooper’s segment right here!

Host Alicia Gorey chats with Cooper and his humans, Deirdre and Michael Cross.

The Photographer Cat was finally able to relax once we were off the air.

Cooper is currently curled up to the laptop, responding to new fan mail from Australia.