February 14th, 2011

Cooper on “Must Love Cats”

Hello, old friends and new friends!  It’s possible that you just found out about Cooper from his recent appearance in the series premiere of Animal Planet’s new program, “Must Love Cats,” or perhaps you’ve been following him since he shot his very first photo back in 2007.  Either way, we are so glad that you have found Cooper!

Did you know that Cooper has a photo book? Be sure to order your copy of “Cat Cam: The World of Cooper the Photographer Cat.”  You will also find Cooper limited edition photo prints (both framed and unframed), along with Cooper t-shirts and more in the Gallery Store!

In case you missed Cooper’s appearance in “Must Love Cats,” here it is!

Cooper sends big purrs to the producers of “Must Love Cats,” and to John Fulton, the show’s host.  John was wonderful on the day of the video shoot, and is just as warm and caring in person as he appears on the show.

Presently Cooper is taking a nap on top of the DVR.  He would like his episode replayed immediately.

February 3rd, 2011

Cooper Wins “Best of the Decade”

Wow! Seattle Magazine announced that Cooper has won “Best of the Decade.” Not bad for a 5 year-old feline! Cooper couldn’t be more thrilled, as he has great purr-ide in Seattle!

Two years ago, Cooper had the honor of winning Seattle Magazine’s “Best of 2009.” You should have seen his happy touchdown dance! This award placed Cooper in the Animals category. This category makes sense, as the Photographer Cat is, after all, a cat. Go Cooper, go!

But for his “Best of the Decade” award, Cooper has now interestingly moved up to the Culture category. Incredible! This means that Cooper has moved beyond recognition for just his photography, and for being relatively interesting for a cat. For the first time people not just in Seattle, but all around the world, are able to see into the lives of animals when humans aren’t around. Cooper has brought insight, smiles and laughter into the world of animal lovers everywhere.

Whether you discovered Cooper at one of his photography exhibits, through his website or Facebook page, whether you learned about him on the news, Animal Planet, Good Morning America, People Magazine, whether you saw Cooper’s Cat Cam book on a friend’s coffee table or you’ve simply heard buzz about the Photographer Cat, something has brought you here, and we’re so glad that you have come! Thank you for helping to make Cooper the Photographer Cat the Best of the Decade.

Cooper is currently curled up on his copy of Seattle Magazine for an award-winning nap.