December 18th, 2009

Cooper Shoots New Video of Baby Brother!

Cooper_withVideoCam_01People have been asking how Cooper is adjusting to being a big brother. The results are in: he loves hanging around baby Cameron (particularly if he isn’t crying). Cooper is always curious, and especially about the little noises coming from our newest family member.

This is the second video Cooper has shot with his Video Cat Cam. It begins about 12 hours before the baby was born; you’ll see a 42-week pregnant Deirdre at home in early labor! Then we jump to the following day when baby Cameron is receiving plenty of cuddle time with mom and dad.

I love the beautiful moments that Cooper recorded with his Video Cat Cam. He will be capturing many more of baby Cameron in the weeks and months to come.


Cooper is currently bird watching from the living room window. Oh – now he’s chewing on the fern – gotta go.

December 16th, 2009

Cooper: Best of 2009 in Seattle Magazine

cover3 Just in time for constant reruns of The Christmas Story on TV, Cooper has won some sort of award! It didn’t come in the form of a leg lamp but Cooper has been voted one of Seattle magazine’s Best of 2009!

Seattle magazine considers Cooper the “Best Evidence that Cats are Almost Human” and we couldn’t agree more! They also suggest that “maybe Cooper should collaborate with the Woodland Park Zoo’s artist in residence, the painting orangutans and elephants.” It would be pretty incredible to have Cooper doing his photo journalism with elephants as the subject. However we’re not sure how much he’d like hanging out with them.

Cooper’s adorable face appears on page 93 of the December 2009 issue.



Cooper is currently hanging out on the stairs, taking photos of a spider.

December 7th, 2009

Cooper Takes Photos of Baby Brother!

Cross_Cameron_CooperCooper has been hoping that a kitten (or maybe a litter of them) would emerge from Deirdre’s belly.  But last Tuesday, December 1st 2009, she gave birth to a human baby boy!  His name is Cameron David Cross.

It has been a bit of adjustment for Cooper getting used to his brother.  After all, he has been an only child for over four years and used to getting all of our attention!  While our family continues to adapt, Cooper has decided to take some photos of his baby brother.

IMG_0059“Baby Nap” Cooper, never wake a sleeping baby.

IMG_0029“Mother and Child Reunion” Love this shot of Deirdre holding baby Cameron.


“Sweet Kisses” This is a beautiful angle.  Great shot, Coop!

Cooper is currently curled up in an otherwise empty baby papasan.  He is considering busting out his new video cat cam again tomorrow.


December 1st, 2009

Cooper Shoots Video!

Cooper with Video Cat CamWell, it’s finally happened – Cooper is now shooting with a Video Cat Cam! We’ve been working on getting it up and running for a couple of weeks and today he went outside with it for the first time. It’s about the same size as his still photo camera, very lightweight, and doesn’t seem to bother him at all when he’s wearing it.

We currently have the Video Cat Cam set to shoot video for 2 minutes then sleep for 2 minutes. It’s really interesting to watch the unedited footage – such a different experience than going through the still photos from his original camera.

In this video you’ll see Cooper spy on some dogs being walked, leap up on top of an 8-foot fence and enter his cat door to eat an afternoon snack.

Many of you who have been following Cooper’s work over the years have noticed that he’s not shot any photos of “wild” animals in the neighborhood. We think the video camera is going to be our best opportunity to see birds and squirrels as Cooper lurks in the bushes.

Next time he goes out to shoot video we plan to change the camera settings to shoot 1 minute and sleep for 3 minutes to give him a greater chance of actually moving – he spends a lot of time in one hiding spot before moving on to the next!


The camera came from our friends at Mr Lee’s Cat Cam who are also the makers of Cooper’s original camera.

Cooper is currently attacking the Christmas tree. You can look forward to video footage of him being squirted with the spray bottle and shown to the door.