April 15th, 2009

Springtime Photos

Springtime is here in Seattle and Cooper is enjoying it! Cherry blossoms are in bloom, birds are chirping, neighbors are out for walks, and Cooper is on the scene to document it all.

Cooper’s photo gallery store is still accepting orders. This is where 24 of his all-time favorite photos are framed and available for purchase. He even signs the back of each one with a paw print.

This is a very rare self portrait of Cooper the cat! His image is reflecting in what I believe is our neighbors’ sliding glass door.

This is one of our neighbors’ cherry blossom trees. We can tell Cooper took this one for his mama.

Cooper rarely takes photos of his toys. He loves this one – it looks like two mice, but it’s really just one toy mouse hanging in front of a mirror.

Cooper was apparently playing with a neighbor and his kids – we’ve seen them around our block.

After a long morning of photography, Cooper is taking a nap on my lap. It’s still sunny outside, but sometimes he prefers to stay dreaming.

April 11th, 2009

Cooper, meet America

Today Cooper has his national print debut in People Magazine! Holy jumping up and down kitty cat! That’s big news all right.

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April 9th, 2009

Cooper’s Continuing Adventures

Our cat Cooper appeared in recent publications of Encore Insider, a Seattle arts magazine found at symphonies and theaters. Apparently his collar camera photos are on the must-see list!

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April 2nd, 2009

Cooper Popular In CHINA!

Cooper’s popularity has recently skyrocketed in China! An article about Cooper and his collar camera photography appeared in the Shanghai Morning Post a couple weeks after they interviewed Deirdre. The headline translates to: “Even a Cat Can Have Its Own Exhibition.”

This recent interest from China has bumped Cooper’s Flickr hits to nearly 1.5 million. Thanks, China!

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