February 23rd, 2009

Spring is on the way

The last week has been dreary and cold in Seattle. It even snowed one day! Cooper spent most of his time inside sleeping and recovering from all the fun he had the week before. Today he’s back outside with his camera! It’s a beautiful sunny day (56 F).

Last week we appeared on DarynKagan.com. Daryn did a great video blog about Cooper and how his camera works. We were really impressed with how it turned out. Cooper was pleased that he didn’t need to fly anywhere to do the interview. And we appeared in The Oregonian. It’s really fun to be a part of such a positive story. However, not everyone is so happy about it – we also were written about in a Letter to the Editor of the Seattle P-I. Apparently some local photographers are worried about Cooper stealing their opportunity to display their work in galleries. Though fortunately for those in the professional photography field, Cooper does not do any work for hire.

Recently we got a text message from a cousin in Boise, Idaho. Apparently a 17-year old friend of hers is in a photography class that has been studying Cooper’s work! Cooper also got a shout out at SomeGeekinTN. We have also seen a lot of traffic on the Flickr stream from China in the last week. Welcome friends from around the world!

Also, Cooper’s show is still up at the Urban Lights Studios in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood for another week! The photos are on display this week through March 10th (Wednesday through Friday, 12pm – 6pm). View and purchase Cooper’s framed photos at the gallery store.
Let’s see what Cooper has been up to!

Cooper took this photo of an antique 35 mm projector in the Cross Films office. This angle is from the pillow he sleeps on in the window. I really like the shadow on the side wall.

When Cooper has been outside it’s been gray and dull. This one is a great one of the low grasses in a neighbor’s yard.

Cooper is currently shooting some beautiful pre-spring shots. Stay tuned for new images soon!

February 20th, 2009

Famous Little Furry Face

What a whirlwind the last week has been for Cooper and all of us in his support staff! We took him to the gallery three times for different press events, which got him plenty of cat treats, but I think it’s been as exhausting for him as it is for us.

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February 15th, 2009

Cooper Rocks Greenwood’s Artwalk

Last night’s opening of Cooper’s photography at Urban Light Studios was a great sucess!

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February 14th, 2009

Cooper’s Show Opens TONIGHT!

We are so excited and proud of our little Cooper the cat photographer. He did such a tremendous job at the sneak preview on Wednesday that he’s sold his first photo and the show hasn’t officially opened yet! And we are looking forward to meeting his fans and neighbors at the Urban Lights Studios this evening.

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February 12th, 2009

Cooper’s Gallery Preview

Today Cooper visited Urban Light Studios for a press preview of his gallery exhibit. We were nervous he would be uncomfortable with all the reporters and their flashbulbs, but Cooper did great! He sat there like a pro, seemingly proud of the framed photos hanging behind him.

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February 11th, 2009

Cooper meets the press

Tomorrow morning Cooper and Michael will be interviewed on local country music station KMPS 94.1. The interview is supposed to be on at 8:40 am. You can follow the link to listen to it live. Michael is sure to give a fun interview to the “Waking Crew”, but we expect very little from Cooper – he’s not much of a radio personality.

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February 10th, 2009

Big week for Cooper

All this week, Michael and I will be preparing Cooper for his big gallery opening on Friday, February 13th. The show is happening at Urban Light Studios in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. The prints turned out incredible. They’re gorgeous 16 x 20 inch prints archival matted and framed. The opening night event runs from 6 to 9pm and the show is scheduled to be on display through February. A portion of the proceeds of the show will be donated to PAWS Cat City Rescue. If you come to the opening you’ll get to meet Michael and myself plus there might be cupcakes.

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