January 16th, 2009

All this Publicity is Exhausting

While extremely excited about his upcoming gallery exhibit, Cooper admits growing a little tired of the paparazzi. He seems to put up with a lot, as long as it’s only coming from the liberal elite media.

Often Cooper climbs into the laundry hamper to hide and avoid an interview. Seen here, Cooper camouflages himself in a pair of crumpled jeans in an effort to go unnoticed during a press conference.

Wonderful motion in this shot! Not sure how Cooper got it, but it was probably when we still had the Christmas lights up.

This is haunting. The painting of angels we’re glimpsing was done by Elizabeth Otto.

It’s possible this is the laurel tree near our house. But I love squinting and finding other shapes in what looks like ink smears!

4 Responses to “All this Publicity is Exhausting”

  1. Mr. Bison & Lindsay says:

    Cooper~ I like reading about your adventures. Did I mention that you look a lot like my “brother” Linus. http://www.flickr.com/photos/linusbella/sets/72157600440098978/Who knew a cat could be an artist?~Mr. Bison

  2. Michael Cross says:

    Thanks, Mr. Bison. Linus is a handsome one all right!

  3. Char says:

    I really love the first one.

  4. curator says:

    What a delight. Good “eye,” Cooper. And congratulations on your upcoming show! For such a good cause too.